The world’s first sunglass frames that won't break.

Stiffys are made from an indestructible single piece TR-90 frame with scratch-resistant nylon lenses. It’s a breakthrough in not breaking.

We killed the hinges.

We eliminated the weakest point in the sunglass design, the hinges, and created the world’s simplest, long-living sunglasses that will never break.

This Tiny Screw Has Screwed Billions.

No hinges, no teeny tiny baby screws, no breakage.  So while other sunglasses are designed to break, Stiffy’s are basically everything-proof.

Our Double-Lifetime Guarantee.

The average human-lifespan is only 80 years, which isn’t that long. Stiffys come with a double lifetime warranty and a living will and testament so you can pass them down to your next of kin.

The Built-In, Un-Dumb Keeper System

Just push the Stiffy’s leash into each end of the frames over the metal pin.  Yeah, that’s it.  A little thing called axial tension locks them in.  To take the leash off, pinch close to the frame and pull until it pops out.  Don’t worry, it won’t break.  We promise.  Here’s a pro tip: if ever the leash starts to wear or slip off the pin, just give the ends a little trim

Find Your Perfect Fit

Customize your keeper fit with this nifty guide!  All you need is a ruler and a pair of regular old scissors.

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